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Funeral Services Offered

With every role covered over the years. From car valet, to the day to day running of a funeral home, allow our experience and knowledge to assist you when required. 

A Qualified and Experienced Funeral Director

- Offering services to Funeral homes -

Whether you need temporary cover or assistance on one particular occasion.

Areas We Can Assist

*DipFD Funeral Director

*Complete funeral arranger either face to face or remotely

*Funeral Conductor on the day of the service


*Funeral Administration

*Ordering and completion of Legal Documentation

*Full advice on the registration process

*Obituary notices and wording

*Orders of Service / Memorial Cards

*Collection / Delivery of Cremated Remains

** Please feel free to get in touch to discuss further any of our services that are not listed above that you feel can be of help to you or your organisation**