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Funeral Celebrant Services

An Individual and Personalised Service

What is a Celebrant?

The role of a celebrant in any form of service is to be the creative writer and speaker, working alongside the family to prepare, design and deliver a fitting tribute, tailored to the needs of that particular family and their loved one. 

A celebrant will also facilitate and advise, produce and orchestrate in a unique way, every time, to reflect each individual. 

Focusing on personal memories helps to remember someone the way they would want to be remembered. 

What will be said at a Celebrant Service?

Every aspect of the service is organised and prepared alongside you, the family.

Nothing will be included without your approval beforehand. 

There could be elements of religious content included or it could be a service with no religious input at all. 

Readings, poems and family tributes can often put an even further personal touch to the service. 

Whether the service is held at a Crematorium, Cemetery, or at any other chosen location, the service offered will always be personal and conducted with sensitivity and style.  

Where to begin? 

The process will start once you have set a date, time and location for the service.

The celebrant will then make contact with you to arrange a meeting.

Anyone can be present at this appointment and it can be at a location most suited to you. 

The celebrant can then guide you through the entire process. 

Our aim is not to make decisions for you, more to openly offer every possibility and option available to ensure you are comfortable with the decisions you do make. 

How we can help

* Offering face to face or remote appointments with families to discuss and arrange a service tailored to their needs. 

* Assistance and guidance on choosing readings, poems and music. 

* A Unique and personalised Tribute/Eulogy, delivered to reflect the individual and their character. 

* Professional guidance and advice

* Assistance in the preparation of orders of service

* Work closely with family and funeral directors to ensure wishes are carried out. 

* Continued communication to the day of the service and beyond. 

Services Offered

* Celebration of Life

* Service of Thanksgiving 

* Memorial Service

* Religious & Non-Religious Ceremonies

* Burial or Cremation

* Scattering / interment of cremated remains 

* Pet Services